The Penguin Donkey (Kong)
Our idea is based on our faith of bartering as a system and Books As Currency. We'd like to swap one book with each of the participants of this year's Bold Italic conference day. Ideally a book they have participated in making-and therefore champion the content, of course. At first, we only need the three dimensions (h x w x thickness) and we'll construct a bookcase which will contain the books. When we finally meet on the 17th of april, we'll exchange the books and the bookcase will be completed like a puzzle.
This project takes its name from the Penguin Donkey pieces of furniture made in the 1930s. "It was named the Donkey because it had four legs and two panniers. The space between the side-compartments could be used for magazines. The shelves in the bookcase were just the right size to house the distinctive orange-covered Penguin paperbacks."

Maki, Benjamin, Patrick and Kajsa for åbäke